Apr 24, 2022

Sunday April 24th ~

 A little progress each day adds up to big results...

It is a wet day here, at least for now.  Quiet morning
 and for a change a leisurely breakfast awaits us.  For
 Arvid Sunday means bacon and eggs.  It's usually the 
simplest of things that makes us the happiest.  Always.

My Chicago teacup reminds me that it's been
 so long since we last were there.  We do have a condo
 in Chicago, but just when we thought we could
 enjoy it, life happened to show us otherwise.

For now we do what we have to.  Enjoy what we have
 to do, and make the most of it.  Every day is a learning
 lesson.  Not necessarily bad days, just long days.

Sniff relaxed for his birthday, while Arvid worked most 
of the day.  Happy Sunday all.  It's warm but a little wet.  

Happiness isn't about getting what you
 want all the time.  It's about loving what 
you have and being grateful for it...