Apr 1, 2022

April 1st, New Month ~ April Fool's Day

 Aries don't have dreams, they call them plans...

Those born under the sign of Aries are Aries are 
 known to be independent, ambitious, passionate,
 and honest.  Hello April, just be great to us.

This being said, I am an Aries woman.  It is said 
that Aries are born with a 200% battery life.  Right 
now it sure comes in handy at Almost Home.  I am 
on constant go go go. Hope it slows down one day.

Aries.  Good luck trying to cancel me.  With the new 
month comes new goals and new wants.  Life has taken
 a completely different twist than what we had expected,
 but we are ready to fully charge at whatever comes
 our way.  We've done it before.  Doing it again.

 Aries are equipped with a confident and
😍 courageous soul; they are always full of 
enthusiasm, optimism, honesty, and passion.

Wishing everyone a month filled with happiness
 and possibilities.  Let's remember that every moment
 is a fresh new beginning.  Happy new month all.

May all your plans come to fulfilment.  
April, you make everything new...