Apr 4, 2022

Monday April 4th ~

 OK Monday, let's do this...

The new week begins. Thankful that we’re full at
 Almost Home and that we have very good tenants. Always
 makes for good times and a good start of the week.

Weekly inspections continue as part of protocols.
 Tenants have been very good getting things cleaned up 
and thrown away.  As Arvid says, “if you need help with
 the trash we will help you to take it out.”  He’s a no
 nonsense man and everyone likes it that way.

Weather is getting better.  Looking forward to planting 
some flowers at Almost Home, but the girl at the garden 
shop told me to wait another week.  I’m impatient.

I’m the meantime birdies at Almost Home keep me
 entertained as do the ones at home. Life is good.  Sniff is
 happy, and the days are getting brighter and warmer.

Happy new week everyone. Let's get this day started.

This is your Monday morning reminder that you 
can handle whatever this week throws at you...