Apr 11, 2022

Monday April 11th ~

 Every day I become a better person.
  Not for anyone, but for myself..

Back to the "grind" as they say.  New week begins. 
 Time to get this day rolling, and what better way than a
 nutritious breakfast.  Arvid's favorite meal of the day.
It's the one meal Arvid does not rush to finish.

What awaits us this week is anyone's guess.  Sometimes 
that's good, other times not so much in one's favor.
  Life.  You just have to roll with the punches.

Yesterday was a perfect summer like day.  
The rest of the week is not going to be really cold,
 but rain all day today and most of the week. 

 So far my flowers have survived the frost. Hopefully 
they will survive this rain and wind we will be having.

It makes a big difference in your
 life when you stay positive...