Apr 10, 2022

Sunday April 10th ~

 Not everyone will understand your journey. 
 That's okay.  You are here to live your life,
 not to make everyone understand...

Yesterday I got to work and one of the tenants came 
down to the office to say hi hi She told me that her
 next-door neighbor has been abusing their puppy.  

It was her first time coming down to the office since
 we came back.  We started talking and just like that she 
mentioned something to me that made me see RED.

I swear this is the first time I have heard about it.  From that
 moment on, it was save the puppy time for us.  I got Arvid
 involved, let's just say, it's not going to be a good day for
 the tenant.  Those who know Arvid know what I mean.

There are many things I can "tolerate; animal 
abuse is NOT one of them.  I have called every shelter, 
every place I can think of that would rescue the puppy. 
It's the weekend. No on picks up the phone.

Seems like Arvid did his magic one more time.  
He gave the tenants one hour to clean up their act or leave. 
They don't want to leave so yes, they are cleaning up their act.
  Fortunately the puppy will be taken away from them.

Sunday, day to relax and chill.  A soccer game
 is on, and Arvid has cleared his schedule for it. 
 He always does 😍.  Happy Palm Sunday all.

We have more to learn from animals 
than animals have to learn from us...