Apr 9, 2022

Saturday ~

 No matter what happens in life, be good to people.
Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind...

 Saturday.  Just a few hours work, but then a lot of other 
work, as in housework at home.  At least we will be home 
with Sniff.  This way he knows we are still around 😍

Every time I think we are having summer weather;
 the cold just comes back with a fury.  I miss those warm
 days in Puerto Rico.  Boy I miss quite a few things 
in Puerto Rico. We sure had some good times there.

Instead of warmer days we keep getting colder and colder.
Yesterday we even had flurries.  Crazy!  This is April.

More freezing temperatures await us.  So far my plants/flowers
 at Almost Home are still surviving.  Hopefully today 
will be the last of the freeze.  I said the same 
thing not so long ago.  Sniff is happy on his
 heating bed, and that makes me happy.

No matter what I did, I never got warm yesterday.  Today
 appears to be more of the same.  Warm weather, where are you?

It's so cold outside, I saw a politician 
with his hands in his own pockets...