Oct 8, 2015

About Life...

Life is full of ups and downs.  The trick is to enjoy 
the ups and have courage during the downs...

Yesterday was our first day back in Florida after being gone for 2 months.  Had so much
 to do, but unfortunately the day took a little detour and not for the good.  Arvid woke up with
 the flu.  Cold symptoms and fever.  Being a man he handles it just the way men do.

Then there is Brutus who has only been off his pill for 4 days yesterday, and already 
his paw started to bust open, bleed and ooze.  This kitty is never catching a break how terrible
is that.  Of course I began the pill treatment again.  He's in hiding and sulking as usual.

Right before lunch Arvid calls him mom to see how she is doing and also there we got 
news that was not expected.  Took us by surprise and we are still stunned.

 You realize that life is so unpredictable.  Just about in the blink of the eye what you 
thought was the real thing is suddenly snatched away from you right infront of your eyes 
and worst part is that you can't do a damm thing but let it take it's course.

To end the day the weather was misbehaving, but the good thing is that rain
 and thunderstorms it is warm and humid.  Arvid spent the day sniffling and still is.
 He watched a little soccer and dozed off a bit.  Yes, he does not handle being sick well. 

 I made him a favorite meal of his.  Made him happy and content and now he and Brutus
 are still sleeping.  Thursday already.  Let's hope today is better for everyone.
Remember, life is hard, but not impossible so make it a memorable day.

Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it...