Oct 25, 2015

There Soon..

Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. 
Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning...
Imagine my excitement when moving to California in the 1990's.

Life changed suddenly.  I had my very first car.  This shiny brand new red Mazda RX7.
We bought a pair of them and just toured around town.  I also had my very
first home, and what better than to be overlooking Big bear Mountain
from the bedroom windows.  It was heaven right here on earth.

Life in California was laid back.  What I really enjoyed was the change of seasons even
though where I lived was always in the 70's.  It was nice to look out of the windows
 and see snow in the mountains, but nice to step out of your door in shorts.

It was the first time I experienced how cold the desert gets and what a Joshua tree was.
 I remember leaving home with the temperature in the mid 70's, going to meet
 friends in Victorville (desert), imagine my surprise when the temperature
 gauge hit the mid 20's.  WOW! cold indeed.

There are a lot of things and places I look forward to seeing, and hopefully meeting
some of my friends when there.  Soon we will be there.  California.  Where life
was once a fairy tale for me and my heartbreak.  Today I go there with Arvid,
 with fresh eyes and with great expectations.  A changed woman from
 the "girl" that once lived there.  Yes I am very excited.

Our first stop in California is going to be Palm Springs.  Another place that has tons of
 memories,  but the place I really look forward to going to is to the house that was
once home.  Home to me and five kitties who are no longer with me.
 Next stop, San Bernardino, Califorina.  Can't wait!!!

Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive
 expectations in advance of the event...