Oct 17, 2015

RC 350 Sport Lexus...

It only takes one person to change your life...

We changed cars (again), I love Lexus and Arvid saw this car while I was away 
visiting one of my sisters.  He really liked it so we went to Lexus gave up
 my "old" one (less than 3 years old) and got me this one.

I love it!  But now Arvid says he is too big for the car.  I know what that means.
I once had a Jeep.  Arvid loved it at first.  2 months into it he claimed it was not a smooth ride.
He changed it for another.  Have a feeling this may be heading that way.

At least I had a few months to enjoy it, even if some of those months were
when we were in Norway and Chicago.  Guess you can say I have hardly had much 
time to actually drive the car.  At least my sister had a ride in it and a few friends.

Well nothing in life is permanent.  I am not attached to the car, but I do like it.
Whatever happens happens, but I know I would prefer to have an Arvid who is happy
 when we drive rather than an Arvid complaining how little the car is for him.

Happy Saturday amigos.  Dinner tonight with friends.  I am
looking forward to a very delicious evening and hope yours is great as well.

Grateful.  Keep in mind that someone else is happy
 with a lot less than what you have...