Oct 6, 2015

Until Next Summer...

Today forget your past.  Forgive yourself. Begin again...

It's goodbye for now until summer of 2016.  Now we are set to go back home to
Florida and to the warmth.  Some of our favorite times here in Chicago this summer
 can best be expressed/visualized through pictures.  As you know a picture speaks 
more than a thousand words.  Here are my favorite moments of the summer.

We have had wonderful evenings at the hot tub/pool area.  
I believe it is one of the nicest pool areas in all downtown Chicago.

Shopping in the city is an experience.  There is also always something happening.

A favorite in the city is our own "Tina Turner"  She brightens up the street corners 
with her liveley music and one of a kind personality.  Always a hit with the crowd.

The city is just one big scenic scenario.

The days of backbacks and sneakers are coming to an end for me until next  summer.  Here
it is almost like a given that 1 out of every 4 people will be carrying a backpack.  Me included.

Already we are missing the hot tub.  Yesterday we used it for the last time for this summer.

The weather here is unpredictable.  
One day it is warm, and before you know it sweaters are needed.

This is a city, but no matter where you go there are always flowers blooming.
Amazing colors and always a sight that captures my attention and camera.

The summer for us here in Chicago is over.  Sad, but true.  It feels more like
Norway's climate and that my friends means time to head back to warm temperatures.
Arvid is already getting a cold.  same happens every summer in Norway.  Not good.

Looking forward to going back home to Florida.  Driving my car.  Having a
little breathing space on my own and doing some stuff on my own.  I do miss having
some alone time.  Looking forward to some this weekend and I am sure Arvid is as well.

To all a very good day.  Here in Chicago it is gloomy and cold.
Looking at the pictures, you can see that the choice to leave is not that difficult.

Florida: America's hot, moist land-wang.
In Florida we salt Margaritas not sidewalks...