Oct 23, 2015

Gold Digging....

It get's better...

Today Arvid and I go looking for gold.  We're super excited.  Hopefully we will find 
gold at least a few nuggets, if we don't the experience alone I'm sure will be well worth it.
  The one draw back is that neither of us took the time to check what kind
 of temperatures we will be facing in Winnemucca, Nevada.  Making our
way to Winnemucca today, and Saturday going to dig for gold.

Coming from Florida to Las Vegas we did not need too many sweaters.  I brought nothing, 
but if we have to be in temperatures in the 30-50 F I know I need more clothes.  So of 
course I had to buy us some warm pieces.  Was going to buy them anyway, but nice
 to have a "reason" to do so.  I actually had to wear one of the sweaters in
 the room because for a change I was so cold.  The flu!  Horrible

Arvid and I have been looking forward to panning for gold for almost a year now. I can't
 wait to use the metal detector and some other equipment we will be renting.
Hopefully I will be able to get a few pictures of us finding gold.  I'm
in it for the excitement, and of course hoping we can find gold.

There were many tests done on these gold mine claims.  Heavy duty equipment
was uses by the previous owner, and he found gold nuggets.  Can't wait.
Hopefully the flu that wants to flare up takes a detour.  Fingers crossed.

Yesterday morning I was in no mood to go with Arvid for breakfast.
Thank goodness there is room service.  Just coffee and toast was all I craved.

Look carefully and you will see Arvid standing next to :the world's largest limo."
For our last evening in Vegas we treated ourselves to a ride around town in it.
Blurry because of the IPhone and because Arvid would not stay still.

Nights in Vegas are just BEAUTIFUL.
To all of you a good day.  I'm feeling excited
 about everything.  Flu or no flu.

The flu in a nutshell.  At first I was afraid I was 
going to die, now I'm afraid I'm not...