Oct 26, 2015


It is good to remember the past, but don't let the past capture your future...

Recollection is not something that I can summon up, it simply comes and I am the servant of it.
My memories of California right now are very much on the surface.  Even though I 
lived there so many years ago, right now everything is crystal clear in my mind.
Sometimes I'm not so sure having so good a recollection is always best.

When I lived in California I remember my mom and dad visiting for the first time.
 We drove all the way to Las Vegas.  My dad was amazed at so many things.  In Palm
Springs it was one of the first times he really saw lots of people of the same sex
holding hands and showing affection in public.  He just stared and stared.  Every
 new sight for us was mesmerizing and exciting seen with new eyes.

See the shadow taking the picture?  Can you guess who that is Carol Riley?

The next few days will be one of new memories being made with Arvid and a combination
of old memories that keep coming back to me.  I loved my life in California. Do I
want to go back and live there?  If it were not that far from family maybe.

Yesterday we visited my old home and the the courthouse where Paul worked.
The memories came rushing back so strongly that I could only cry and cry.  Arvid was there
all the time with me and just held me.  I mean how lucky can a girl get.  We had lunch
with my very best friend for over 20 years.  We met her kitty cats and I saw my plants
still growing in her home.  So far It has been good.  I an still teary, but glad we are here.

For now we plan to make tons of memories and enjoy this beautiful place
 called California.  Right now I am in a Golden State of mind.

To all a beautiful day and let's go make memories.

Memory is never pure.  
And recollection is coloured by the life lived since...