Nov 7, 2017

A Beautiful Time Of The Year ~

New days, new weeks, new months, new seasons
are all life's way of saying that we are worthy of a fresh start...

There is beauty everywhere you look and everyday here in 
Branson we are reminded of it.  Usually we see deers everyday.  
Normally an entire family of four or more.  Lately the deers 
have become bolder.  They do not run off as fast as before.  
And yes, I do manage to get some pictures of them.

The other night was full moon.  Arvid and I went out a little and as we got 
home the moon was in its peak.  The above pictures of the moon
 were taken from our from door by yours truly.  Got to say 
even i am a little impressed with the pictures.

Above was an outing we had at The Landings.  The sun was
 setting and it made for some pretty pictures and a very good time.

Definitely a beautiful time of the year.  Seeing the many colors of the season
 makes it a happy time.  As I have mentioned many times, the weather 
in Branson is strange.  One day you are having 80 degrees and
 within a few hours the temperature can drop a good 20 degrees. 

 Happened to us on Sunday.  The change was immediate and 
we went from being nice and warm to very cold.

Christmas is everywhere.  Right now I wish I was closer to family. 
 Christmas has always been the favorite Holiday in our family. 
 At Christmastime I always enjoy spending with my family. 
 Not happening this year, but can hope for next year.

Arvid and I did the tourist thing over the weekend and went to see the 
Branson Christmas light display.  One of the many Christmas displays in Branson.

May your day be filled with faith, love,
hope and beautiful blessings.  Good morning world.

A little progress each day adds to big results...