Nov 29, 2017

~ Wednesday ~

Life doesn't require that we be the best.  Only that we try our best...

These amazing sunsets will never cease to astonish me.

Everyday from Almost Home I stay back in the evenings just to
capture them.  It's just way too pretty to pass up. 

 I also occasionally make a few stops on the way home to snap a few more
pictures from different locations.  Who can resist when the sky looks like this?

In North Carolina my parents had J, Kimsy and Max (not pictured)
visiting for Thanksgiving.  All the grand kids love spending time with grandma
and grandpa.  In Vermont Reshma was home for a few days as well during
Thanksgiving.  In Tampa, Florida Nina and David had Danielle home for a little.

In Branson it was Arvid and I and the tenants.  Overall everyone had
a great time wherever they were.  Rima and family spent it together in California
 with new friends.  This time of the year I miss being around my family.

This will be our second Christmas here in Branson.  A working Christmas.
Arvid dislikes all holidays.  I love Christmas, but I have gotten used to "down playing"
in the last few years, unless of course I am with my family.  Then it is a celebration of love,
 laughter, fun and life combined together.  Yes, during Christmas I miss my family.

As Wednesday begins, Sniff and I have been up for quite some time already.
Soon our work day begins.  Wishing all a good day and happy times always.

We don't call it homesick.  We call it missing home.
There's not a sickness involved.  It's a state of mind...