Nov 19, 2017

Sunday ~

Pajamas all day long.  Sunday.  A day to be relaxed,
 a day to be refreshed,  restored and renewed...

Yesterday in a span of 2 hours our temperature dropped from the 70's to the 40's
 and continued dipping to the low 30's.  I woke up yesterday and went
 outside and had my coffee.  Temperature was nice and "warm"  

As I left for work it was already starting to be windy and super cold.
 By afternoon looked like it was going to snow.  Fortunately it did not.

Today it is expected to be sunny and beautiful.  The thing we have learned since 
living in Missouri is that you never know what to expect with the weather. 
 It is not unusual for it to drop a good 30 degrees within hours. 
  Arvid does not like the cold.  I am not so adverse to it.

Today Arvid wants to go and check out a car show in Springfield.  Missouri is
 probably one of the states with the most car shows I have ever heard of.  Almost every
 weekend in summer there was a different one and form the looks of it, it still continues.

As usual we look forward to having some relaxing times on Sunday.  A little 
car show, maybe the mall and then a nice dinner.  After that time to come
home and cozy up with Sniff.  Sniff loves to get up close with us when we 
watch TV.  Especially with Arvid.  As soon as Arvid sits, Sniff jumps right up 
between his legs and falls right asleep.  It's very cute to watch them.

When it's this cold it sure is nice to be indoors enjoying a warm drink.
Life is good.  Hotels are doing really well and for everything we are grateful.
Wishing you all a relaxing and peaceful day with loved ones.

Last night I dreamt with Brutus.  All I remember was his paw.
We love Sniff, but my Brutus took my heart.

And on Sundays we do nothing.  Slow down 
take some time to clear your mind.  The rest can wait...