Nov 21, 2017

As The New Week Progresses ~

It's only Tuesday and I'm done with 95% of the week.  During these
hectic days its vital to stop for a breather and enjoy the moment...

The week started with a bang.  It's not as if things went wrong it's just
so much was happening all at once.  I cam t work and there were leaves everywhere. 
Granted this is not uncommon especially with the wind, but I like the place to
be immaculately clean.  Of course I started to sweep right away.
My maintenance couple wanted to start blowing.  Not me.  I preferred
to sweep and bag the leaves.  It was too much to just blow. 

Took a while but with 3 of us working together it was taken care of.  The I
decided to not renew the lease on one of my tenants.  Meant he had to pack and go. 
Fortunately I gave him 2 days notice.  He was not a "bad" person,
but I did not think he was the right fit either for Almost Home.

Between my maintenance couple and I we stripped the room turned it upside
down and prepped it for cleaning.  Always a deep cleaning is what we do.
All of this in the first 3 hours of the day.  That combined with the calls and the
tenants it made for a hectic start of the week.  Now should be better.

Arvid and I have not had a vacation together in a long time.  All he talks about
is wanting to go to Mexico in March.  For Arvid Mexico is the only place
where he says he can actually relax and be on vacation.  Out there we
have no phone calls and it's just so peaceful and relaxing.  I am
not thinking about it (as yet)  Too busy with the hotels.

Sometimes you just need to disconnect
and enjoy your own company...