Nov 2, 2017

Just Because ~

Life is all about timing.. the unreachable becomes reachable,
the unavailable becomes available, the unattainable.. attainable. 
Have the patience.  Wait it out.  It's all about timing...

Here in Branson life continues to be bus for us.  Hotels are doing good.
Sniff is healthy and happy and Arvid and I are always on the go.

I have already started with Christmas decorations at Almost Home. Arvid does
not care much about Christmas so my guess is that he will not do any decorating
at his hotel on the other hand his property manager will most definitely decorate.

Branson is just about ready for the Holidays.  The Christmas lights just keep
popping up everywhere you turn.   I love it.  Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly.
It's your masterpiece after all...