Dec 17, 2017

Good Day For Happiness ~

Start your day with the right smile...

As I stepped out the front door to "check" the temperature, it looked
 bleak and I thought it was going to be much colder than it actually was. 
 Fortunately, I was mistaken.  Bleakness did not mean cold.  It was just 
crisp and fresh.  I do like the cold weather so much more than the heat.

Arvid has the heat turned up to 75 degrees (24C).  I'm hot and he is still cold. 
 Occasionally, I manage to sneak in and turn it down one degree, but he would say, 
"is it cold in here?"  Then check the thermostat and turn it back up.  We do this often.
Sniff is like Arvid he is also cold.  Strange,  both cuddle with blankets.

As always Sundays and saturdays Arvid watches soccer. In between phone
calls on Sundays he's cheering for his team or whichever team scores a goal. 
He says he just loves to see goals so for him it does not matter too much
 who scores as long as it's an awesome goal.  He does have his favorite
 English team.  Liverpool.  Then it does matter who scores.

 Constant battle with him and the TV.  Very difficult to talk to him
or to show him anything while soccer is on.  He is glued to the TV.

I'm ready to back to work tomorrow,  Has been many days if being "idle"
I feel energized and excited to be back in the "game" of running a hotel.

Happy Sunday to everyone.  Wishing you a day filled
with love and friendship.  Wherever you go, no matter what
the weather, always bring your own sunshine.

Happy Sunday.  Count your Rainbows. 
 Not your Thunderstorms...