Dec 27, 2017

Time On My Hands ~

Your time is more valuable than money, make it fabulous...

Having time to "spare" feel so strange.  Both for Arvid and myself.  It's 
been so long that we did not have a single moment to just sit and 
relax, and now that we have some we have no idea what to do. 
 Already Arvid is starting to get restless, and so am I.

We are already wondering what it is we will do with so much time.   
We have already planned a trip back home to Florida.  Arvid 
is more excited about it than I am to be honest.  

As far as Arvid goes his ultimate goal is to make it to our condo in Mexico.
  He said "that's the one place I really want to go.  It's the only place where 
we can totally relax."  I'm guessing we are going to Mexico soon.

Temperatures here are very cold.  Too cold for Arvid. Sniff and
 I love it and we feel good.  I prefer the cold to the heat. For 
sure I know we will not be in Florida for the summers.

Suddenly my work days are shorter than usual.  Love it.
Just have to figure out what to do in my "free" time.

Managing your time without setting priorities is like 
shooting randomly and calling whatever you hit the target...