Dec 4, 2017

Monday Already? ~

New week.  Bring it on...

As a new week begins I am pretty excited and relaxed to see how it goes.  
At Almost Home we have a new family.  My new maintenance/
property manager couple also have 2 children.  I am already 
smitten with them and in particular with their boys.

  It is very rare today to find young kids so well mannered and polite.  We took 
them all out for lunch on Saturday and all I can say is how impressed I am.  
The entire family are just the epitome of politeness.  I see good things 
for all of us.  Makes Arvid and I very happy and relaxed.

Yes, the week will be good.  As always as I leave home in the mornings or 
on my way home from work I am always distracted with the scenery and
 with everything in sight.  As always we keep seeing the deers. I always 
do my best to not spook them and definitely try to get pictures.

To all a very good start of this week.  Make it spectacular and 
whatever it is that comes your way, give it your best shot.  

Make today amazing...