Dec 7, 2017

One Of Those Days ~

This day promise yourself you will make someone smile
 before you go to sleep.  Good morning to you...

I love mornings because I never know what to expect as I drive to work.  
I wake up with Sniff.  We have coffee together and spend time bonding.  Best way
 to start my everyday.  Then I leave for work and the day just gets better. 

 Most days I see deers.  As mentioned before.  For me this never gets stale. 
 Not used to ever seeing them in Florida, so for us this is a definite treat.  
Just the other day I also spotted a new kitty in the area.  As he was 
walking away into the woods, I called him.  He turned around
 and started meowing.  I always have my camera on hand.  
Makes for capturing moments even more fun.

Arvid loves pineapple.  For him every meal is made better with it.  We go to this
 diner just about once every week.  Arvid orders the same thing with extra 
pineapple slices.  We also go to a burger joint quite often.  There you can add just
 about anything to your burger.  Yup.  He has pineapple slices on it as well.

Christmas is everywhere.  The lights, the Christmas music and scents makes
 me miss home.  Home where family is.  For Arvid this is not a good time
 of the year.  Says that he "hated" Christmas from the time he was
 a little boy.  I ask myself, "how is that even possible???"

I love Christmas, but right now I do not feel the Christmas spirit around me.
My friend Anna said something that has touched me deeply because it is so very true. 
 Anna said to me, "Grief never goes away, we just push it back in our hearts."

Anna is grieving right now for her mom.  Her mom died years ago, but the
 thing with grief is that it never gives you any warning.  It just shows up 
when you least expect it.  Both Anna and I know a lot about grief. 
 Together we have been each others support in difficult times, 
and we continue to be each others sounding board.

When grief hits you all you can do is wait it out.  It comes in waves and 
some  days those waves are so powerful that you almost find yourself drowning
 in them.  I believe the holidays don't really help much.  Makes you
 want more badly that you know you won't ever have again.

Remembering you is easy.  I do it everyday.  Missing you is the 
heartache that never goes away.  Mama misses you very much...