Dec 9, 2017

Saturday ~

I have a lot to be thankful for.  
I am healthy, happy and I am loved...

Still not doing so great, but definitely getting better.  Almost Home survives 
without me!  Shock to my system, but I honestly knew it would. 

Tiffany is experienced in running hotels and with Arvid’s help 
everything (just about) is under control.  Taking another 
day off.  By Monday should be close to 100% better.

Another cold day here but not like yesterday.  More manageable.  
North Carolina has been having snow since yesterday.  My parents’
 home is looking like a winter wonderland.  Nina my sister in 
Florida says she is missing the weather in Pennsylvania. 

 She loves her changes in season, and has not gotten used to 
Florida’s weather as yet.  As winter progresses I’m sure she will.

The last 2 days it has been a little difficult for me to eat any solid food.
  Somehow it makes me cough.  Now I’m afraid to try anything solid.
 Have been gulping down yogurt smoothies, but now I think
 I am ready for real food again. Kinda hungry right now.

Saturday mornings belong to Arvid and his soccer time.  It relaxes him 
and gives him sometime just for him as well. We all need that.  

Sniff has already eaten, and is on his day bed ready for a nap. 
 Being home all day yesterday I was able to observe his patterns.  
He slept from 11am until 4pm and would have slept longer, but I woke
 him up.  Also he would have slept by 9am, but he was not sure why I was home
 so he kept hovering around me until he was worn out and fell asleep by 11.

Sniff is a talker.  When he wants something he will express it very fiercely. 
 Love that about him.  Among many other things.  Love his company,
 and knowing that he will be there when I come home. 

Yes I love our little Sniff.  Our Brutus will always be my baby. 
 Always, but today Sniff is here with us and we love him.  Life goes on
 and we may not aleya have what we want, but we sure have
 what we need, and for that I am grateful.  Always.

Today I am thankful...