Dec 29, 2017

It's COLD ~

Cold cozy nights, warm blankets, and hot chocolate.
Kindness is like snow, it beautifies everything it covers...

We have been waking up to below freezing temperatures.    Wednesday morning 
it was so cold we decided to stay home.  Yes, we now have the option of not 
going in if we don’t feel like it.  I am not used to it, whereas Arvid is.  

For me it is strange, but I’m sure liking it.  It’s good to know that the
hotel is being run just as good. Tiffany and Chris are truly exceptional.  
Will have to get use to having free time again.  Loving it so far.

Yesterday Arvid and I even took time to go shopping for some winter clothes.
  Something I would never have done during the work week. We had a leisure 
lunch and then just took the rest of the afternoon off.  At first I was guilty, 
but that did not last long.  Getting used to this can be fun.

It is so cold no one comes out of their rooms unless absolutely necessary. 
That is they just come to the office to pay or to chat.  Almost Home runs
smoothly.  I love it.  I still continue to go to work early in the mornings.  

Just can’t seem to get out of that routine.  I like it.  I Get to chat with
everyone and still make sure everything is running smoothly.
As far as I am concerned, as long as we own Almost Home,
I will definitely be a presence there as will Arvid.  

Yesterday I trimmed a few of the kitties claws.  Yup, I’m the designated nail trimmer 
for the kitties.  I love it because I get to play with them a little as well.  Always fun.

Next week I plan to take some of the tenants out for burgers and milkshakes.
I did get a gift card from them after all.  Have to make sure it’s put to good use.  

Sniff is doing good.  He suddenly likes being under cover as he sleeps 
between our legs as we watch TV.  He never liked being covered before.  Maybe 
he’s cold. Brutus loved being covered.  He could stay that way for hours.

I miss Brutus so very much. Especially now that we will be going to
 Florida. I am experiencing way too many emotions and a lot of
it is freaking me out.  Florida is synonymous to Brutus and Shadow.
  Sniff did not live there too long. Not as yet anyway.

Another cold day awaits us, but fortunately not as cold as yesterday nor
as cold as it will be during the weekend.  Lots of possibilities await us. To all
a happy Friday and a good start of the weekend.  Soon it will be 2018.

And suddenly you just know it's time to start
something new and trust the magic of new beginnings...