Mar 29, 2019

Awake ~

I can get a call at 2 A.M., and the person on the other end is like:
 'Sorry, did I wake you?' and I'm like: 'No, I'm wide awake.'...

I'm awake, but at the same time I know I should 
still be in bed.  Asleep like Arvid.  Sniff woke up and stayed
 with me for an hour, but finally he gave in and went back 
to sleep with his dada.  Exactly what I hope to do.

Little too early to have coffee, but what the heck. 
 Already had a cup and I think I will soon be ready
 for bed again.  Busy day here again today.  

March has gone by so very fast.   Strange month. 
The first couple of weeks it was just beautiful, but the 
last 2 weeks it was wet, windy and fairly unpredictable.  Even 
so, it was always warm.  We have had quite some rain in 
the last few days. I like rain.  Made everything clean.

Life with Sniff is very good, but I will be honest, I miss our 
Brutus so very much.  Every place we have moved to, Brutus 
has a special section.  In Arvid's office there are tons of pictures
 of Brutus.  There is also a spot where Shadow loved to sit.

In our apartment here in Florida and the one in Chicago,
 Brutus is the first picture that was hung and the first you 
will see as you enter.  He will always have a special place 
in our hearts.  The other day Arvid said to me, "I think 
of Brutus very often."  I also think of him very much.

I wish we would have had more than 9 years with Brutus, 
but I am so grateful for the time we had.  I hope Sniff is with
 us for years and years to come.  He is just the most loving kitty.

Good morning all.  I think I will try to get some more sleep.

I am the biggest enemy of my own sleep. On the 
nights I can’t sleep, like that one, like so many recently,
 I wish I could just turn my mind off like a lamp...