Mar 1, 2019

Friday ~

Whatever you decide to do, 
make sure it makes you happy...

Where Arvid goes, Sniff goes.  Arvid works, 
Sniff wants to work.  They are attached at all times.  Of course
 there are times when Arvid would say to Sniff, "I need a minute 
for myself."  He said the same thing at times to Brutus, but at
 the end of the day, he loves when Sniff is all over him.

Last night as I was going to sleep, I looked at some pictures 
of Brutus.  I saw one of Brutus taken on November 5th,
 just hours before he died.  I was holding him and I am 
convinced there were tears in his eyes.  Yes, last 
night I cried and cried again for my Brutus.

This morning when I told Arvid about Brutus having 
tears in his eyes that day, Arvid said to me, "we all had tears
 that day."  I know Arvid misses Brutus, but unless I talk about
 him Arvid never brings it up.  For Arvid it's best to ignore
 something rather than talk about it.  It's OK, but not always.

It's a good day here at home. We had lunch at our favorite
 Cuban-Mexican restaurant.  Food was very good and we are 
full and content.  Hope your day is going great as well.

Happy Friday to all.  Happy 21st birthday to our Gabby.
Arvid said to me, "I can't believe Gabby is 21 years old today. 
 When I met him he was only 2 years old.  Our Gabby is now legal.

You can close your eyes to reality, but not to memories...