Mar 11, 2019

New Week Here ~

It's Monday, set the tone for this week with a good workout,
 and a healthy meal.  Your goals are met with small daily choices... 

Monday again.  March is zooming by us, and still so much
 to do. As the new week begins, I hope everyone is doing well 
and you are all set and ready to face the new day/week.

As always we had a very good Sunday. It was peaceful, relaxing,
 good food, and great ambiance.  Makes up for our our hectic days.

Sniff is a happy little dude.  Last night he made so much 
commotion in the bedroom, he woke Arvid up several times.  
Add to that he, was just running like crazy all over the place
 and across the bedroom.  Arvid was very worried Sniff would
 injure him.  I just slept even though Sniff was racing around us.

Good morning everyone.  Remember, anything's 
 possible if you've got enough nerve.

Finding your passion isn't about careers and 
money. It's about your authentic self .  The one 
you've buried beneath others needs...