Mar 19, 2019

Tuesday ~

The secret of having it all is knowing you already do...

Soon going home. Always happy for that.  
No matter where we go, I always look forward
to being home.  Home where the 3 of us belong.

Chicago has been fun. Cold but as mentioned before,
 I love it.  I enjoy walking in the cold and yes feeling
 to very cold air on my face.  Luckily I kept my winter 
boots here. Kept my feet always nice and toasty.  

Arvid has his as well.  I am EXTREMELY surprised
 that Arvid did not complain too much about the cold. 
All he said was “it’s very cold.”  Usually he 
would complain about it all day long.

Yesterday was cleaning day.  Loads of laundry to do.  
I actually enjoy doing laundry I get to be on my 
own for at least an hour or two.  Arvid insists
 on helping, but it’s not his favorite chore.

This afternoon a little trip out for lunch and some
 more shopping.  Arvid did a little shopping yesterday. 
Today looking for some stuff for the apartment.  

I’m all set and ready to see Sniff.  He’s doing good,
 but I know he is also looking forward to us coming home 
soon.  Can’t wait.  I’ve missed him so much and this was 
only a week.  Imagine when we leave this
 summer for almost 3 weeks.  

Can’t think about that right now.  Hated to leave 
Brutus and now I hate to leave Sniff.  These little fur 
babies sure have a way of inserting themselves into our
 lives and our hearts.  So happy and grateful for that.

Wishing everyone a great day ahead.
Soon we will be seeing Sniff.  Happy.

Grateful today for all the things I usually take
 for granted. The most beautiful way to start 
and end the day is with a grateful heart...