Mar 31, 2019

Sunday Funday Vibes ~

Some old-fashioned things like fresh
 air and sunshine are hard to beat...

I love these "colder" mornings.  Nothing beats fresh air.
  No AC and the doors slightly open.  Makes for a perfect 
hourin the mornings.  Of course then it's back to AC
 and hotter temperatures.  For now just loving it 
and hope it lasts for a little while longer.

Even Sniff is enjoying some of this "cold" air we 
are having.  Sniff is happy, so I am happy as well.  
I can't ever stop saying what a good kitty he is.

It's a perfect boat day here again.  Just saw a pretty 
different looking boat.  Of course a picture was necessary. 
 Not sure why I take so many pictures.  It then becomes a 
chore to delete.  But as Arvid would say, "you love it."

Sunday.  Lots of soccer games on today.  Both of us happy. 
 Arvid get to be "busy" and I get to have time to do some stuff
 on my own.  Life is sure good.  Happy Sunday all.

I am happy because I'm grateful. I choose to be
 grateful  That gratitude allows me to be happy...