Mar 27, 2019

Tony Henderson ~ Thank You

You live everyday, but you only die once...

When I took over Almost Home in Branson, MO
 I knew nothing about running a hotel.  Neither did Arvid.
 We just jumped into it hoping as always for the best.
 One thing we were told by many hotel owners, "it is
essential to have the right maintenance couple."  

At the time I was not exactly sure what they meant,
 but by the end of the first day I sure did.  Almost Home
 "came" with Tony and Krissy.  Tony was the maintenance man.

We were advised by the previous owner that we may want to
change the maintenance man once we took over, but at that
 time we decided to stay with Tony.  I mean we did not
know any other person to be our maintenance man.

Tony was liked and trusted by all the tenants.
That already was a plus.  At the start of the first few
months, we encountered a few things with Tony that we did
 not like nor were we about to tolerate.  We were "advised"
to fire him.  But you see I liked Tony, the human being that
 he was.  He was good, kind and so patient with everyone.

Arvid and I had a talk with him.  We clarified a few
things that we did not like nor would tolerate.

We told Tony that we were willing to have another go
with him if he shaped up.  Shape up he did.  The first
 8 months at Almost Home would have been much
 more difficult for me had it not been for Tony.

 He showed me things and thought me things as well.
 In his quiet way, Tony helped me to get through
those first months as a hotel owner. Without
Tony by my side I would not have made it.

Arvid was busy running our second hotel, so he did not
 have much time to spend at Almost Home.  It was
Tony, myself,  and Krissy.  Tony's better half.

Sunday March 24th I got a phone call.  7pm.
I was told that Tony died.  Both Arvid and I are very sad.
  Me especially.  Tony was by my side for almost a year
before he was told by his doctors that he
should not be working anymore.

Tony was the one I turned to when I need something
taken care of at Almost Home.  Tony was the one everyone
 loved and trusted.  Tony will be missed very much
because in his own way he touched many with his
kindness, patience, calmness Tony made everyone
 at Almost Home feel safe and well cared for.

Tony, I will forever be grateful to you.  There are not
 many like you.  From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!
I will miss you Tony.  Both Arvid and I say "thank you"
and may you rest in peace and not hurt anymore.

Death stings the victim only once, but those left behind
feel the pain of loss with every passing memory every day.

Death never comes at the right time, despite what 
mortals believe. Death always comes like a thief...