Mar 12, 2019

Hello Tuesday ~

Life is really simple, but we 
insist on making it complicated...

Our week began on a real positive vibe.  Between running 
around, we also took some time to have lunch with some friends. 
 A little business, and a lot of pleasure.  Always nice to hang
 out with friends whenever possible.  The fact that we are also 
listing their house made it  sort of a “business” lunch.

We were heading to our favorite place for chicken wings, 
but just our luck they are closed on Mondays.

No problem there.  Bokampers is right next door and that’s 
where we headed.  Food was good and between bites, we took
 care of business and got caught up with some other stuff.

Another busy day awaits us.  Why is it anytime we 
have to go on a trip the unexpected has to happen? 
 Is this the case with anyone else?  I's sure it is.

Tomorrow we leave for Chicago.  Finally the day
 we have been waiting for so long is here.  Seems like the
 perfect time for a getaway.  Unfortunately, when we got

 the tickets we did not anticipate it being as cold
 as it is right now.  Just have to dress for it!

Sniff will be cared for by Gladys.  She’s so good with him,
 and he loves her.  Sniff loves everyone.  He’s super friendly.
  Gladys comes in 2 times a day. Could not be any better. 
 As long as Sniff is well cared for, that's what matters.

Happy Tuesday everyone.  Hope for
 you it’s as good as it looks for us!

I may not have gone where I intended to go, 
but I think I have ended up where I needed to be...