Dec 4, 2019

A Cold Front Here ~

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, 
but by every moment that takes your breath away...

Temperatures dropped just a little last night, and by 
now you can imagine how cold we were.  Arvid and I 
joked that what we call cold is just a summer day 
in Norway.  That's how NOT a Viking he is.

After we got home both of us were chilled to the bone.
  After a hot shower it was time for Arvid's specialty.  
Yes, he's very good at making hot chocolate.

South Florida you just don't know what to expect from people.

Yesterday I read something "interesting" and both 
Arvid and I were pretty shocked.  Still pretty unbelievable.

And here we thought we were in a pretty safe area.  Oh well.
  It is what it is. Either you take it or you leave it.

The day is slowly warming up.  A good sign. 
 Wishing everyone a happy day. If you have the chance 
to make people happy, just do it.  Sometimes people
 are struggling silently.  Maybe, your act of 
kindness can make their day.

You can't wait around for something
 to become good, it either is, or isn't...