Dec 15, 2019

Weekend Vibes ~

Walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes. 
 There is no need to explain or make sense of it.  
It's your life.  Do what makes you happy...

The boat parade was a huge success; again.  
Last year we had my sister and husband over together 
with some friends.  Was a special time.  Always good
 spending time with good friends and family.

This we did not see much of the parade. 
 Just a few boats on, but truthfully we have seen it 
so often that it ceases to hold that "magical" spell
 over us.  Sad how we sometimes take for granted
 the same things many  would gladly have.

Even so, I must admit to being excited every
 time a boat passed by our balcony.  I was
running in and out to get pictures.  So I
guess, I do not take it for granted after all.

People line up along the River hours before the parade.
  Just to make sure they have the perfect view.  Others 
of course can just sit back and enjoy the boats
from the privacy of their own balcony.

Sunday begins always very relaxed and peaceful. 
 Sniff and I were awake early as usual.  Arvid is like
 clockwork.  In everything.  The time he wakes up,
 when he eats, when he showers.  Very structured.
  Sure not me.  He says I am way "too random"

Yesterday I had the day to myself.  Of course some
of it was spent enjoying the beach.  On Friday we had
clear blue skies, but yesterday it rained a bit making for
a cloudier day, but at the same time spectacular.  The
 waves just kept crashing on the shore.  Loved it.

The beach was quiet.  Just a few people enjoying quiet
walks and some alone time.  Some of my best times are
when I am on a beach, all by myself and my thoughts.

No outing would be complete without my favorite
 adult drink.  This time it was a Miami Vice. A few
of those and the evening started to look better.

Sarasota has a different vibe.  Different does
not mean not good.  It's relaxed and it feels more
like an island lifestyle.  Arvid and I have lived
 in an island so for us it was familiar.  Calming.

Sunday begins, and as Arvid says, "I'm done
with my Sunday calls." I guess now he can spend
the rest of the morning watching TV and when he's done
do a little vacuuming in preparation for our guests.

Wishing everyone a day filled with awesomeness.
 Remember to always be fearless in the pursuit
 of what sets your soul on fire.  Only way.

I know what I bring to the table, so trust me
 when I say I am not afraid to eat alone...