Dec 7, 2019

All Is Good ~

Sometimes, I need to go off on my own.  I am not sad.
  I am not angry.  I am just recharging my batteries...

Yesterday was not the best day for Sniff and I. 
 I worry at the least sign of something not being right
 with Sniff.  I remember everything we went 
through with Brutus and I panic.

Lately he has not been eating like he usually does.  
Don't get me wrong, he is still eating better than 
most kitties would, but because it was not his usual 
eating pattern, and of course I started to thing 
of so many things that could be wrong.

Sniff was weighed and the scale said 23lbs.  
I freaked out because his usual weight is 14lbs.  
I told the vet technician, "this is wrong try again." 
 She did.  Same thing.  She tried 3 times and the results 
were the same.  I knew it had to be wrong, but
 I was looking at the scale and it said 23lbs.

The vet came in and started to tell me about how obese 

he was and how he is going to be diabetic, and how I 
would be having to give him injections twice a day. 

 Everything came back to me.  The pills I had 
to give Brutus, the agonizing fact hat he hated it
 and I was causing him distress.  I just could not 
believe this will be the case for Sniff as well.

I brought Sniff home went on the scale with him
 and like I knew all along he did not weigh 23lbs.  
Our Little Sniff is heavy, but still 14lbs.  

Took him straight back to the vet, who
 had already mapped out a rigid diet for him.  
Our Sniff is NOT diabetic, and I am so relieved. 
 I had some very tense emotional moments
 yesterday.  Today all is good again.

Today like everyday I am thankful and grateful.
 I am thankful for Sniff and all the happiness he brings
to us, and I am grateful that he is a healthy and
happy boy.  He makes our life so much better.

Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles.
It takes away today's peace.  When a new day 
begins dare to smile gratefully...