Dec 25, 2019

December 25th ~

Christmas isn't a season, it's a feeling...

The best Christmas of all is the presence of a
 happy family all wrapped up with one another..

May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart 
with warmth and love. Christmas is the time of 
giving and sharing.  It is the time of loving and
 forgiving.  Merry Christmas to Everyone!

My favorite time of the year has always been 
Christmas and still is. Christmas day is also my 
mom's birthday so it is doubly special.  

I remember from my childhood days; we would all 
wake up very early and my mom and dad would gather
 us all around the tree while still in our pajamas.

 My dad would read us a verse from the Bible.  
We would all listen very attentively, you see my dad
 is a good storyteller and whatever he was reading to us 
always came out in the form of an enchanted story.  

We all loved these moments and looked forward to
 it yearly.   Those days will forever be cherished
 in my memories and never be forgotten.

During Christmas people seem to be merrier and 
there is so much love going around that the warmth 
engulfs you and for that brief time known as 
Christmas everyone seems to live in harmony.
 Why can't we always live in harmony?

I also realize the holidays are not the favorite time for
 many. Today everything has become so commercialized. 
Many in the younger generation look forward to receiving 
and have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas.
The world has grown weary through the 
years, but at Christmas, it is young

They say at Christmastime all roads lead to home. 
 I my mind home will always be that time of my childhood
 when we were all together.  We did not have much, but 
one thing we were never short of was love.

Like many parents, mine sacrificed everything for us.  
My mom and dad gave up on their life to make sure 
we had what we needed.  What we needed was not
 material things.  What we got was love and
 values that has guided us in our lives.

Because of my mom and dad I know that to be kind
 and to be grateful are one of the best things you can give 
to others.  To have compassion, empathy and to care. 
 What my parents taught money will never buy. 

Our hearts grow tender with childhood
 memories and love of kindred, and we are better
 throughout the year for having, in spirit, become
 a child again at Christmastime

The best gift i can ever receive at Christmas 
or anytime it to know that I can always count
 on the ones I love, and to be able to spend Christmas 
with family.  This year we are lucky because
 we get to spend it with my parents, Nina 
and family, and Nirvana and kids.

Arvid no matter where he is does not like Christmas.  
Try as I try Christmas is not a favorite time for
 him.  From what he has told us, he did not 
have good Christmases as a child.

He who has not Christmas in his heart
 will never find it under a tree.  Sad but true. 
 I wish Arvid could get into the Christmas 
a little more, because I love it.  

For me it hold just wonderful memories of a 
caring and loving family.  The most generous man
 I have and probably will ever know is my dad. 

 His generosity and his caring ways will always 
be with me.  Whenever we had company over, no 
matter what the occasion, my dad would give the shirt 
off his back if some asked for it.  He literally did that 
several times.  When we asked him why, his answer 
was, "because they needed it more than I did."

To all a merry Christmas.  Let's not forget 
Christmas is not about how many presents we can get. 
 Christmas is about love, family, being grateful and
 thankful.  As far as I am concerned all of these values 
apply to everyday life, and not just Christmas.  We should 
live everyday with a thankful and grateful heart.
Christmas is not a date. It is a state of mind.

For me it's a time of sharing, and being with
 loved ones.  I like everyone do like receiving presents,
 but this is not what I think of when I think of Christmas...
.I remember certain aromas from little.  There was baking,
 cooking, decorating the tree, caroling and most of all 
there was lots of love and laughter all around us. 

I wish everyone a day filled with happiness,
 gratitude, love and laughter.  It is always the little
 things that bring us the most happiness.  For me
 being able to spend it with some of my family 
is the best Christmas present ever.

 It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, 
hope for the future. Like snowflakes, my Christmas 
memories gather and dance — each beautiful, 
unique, and gone too soon