Dec 6, 2019

Friday ~

Happiness is enjoying the little things in life...

Yesterday's sunset from our balcony.  No filters.  The sky was pink.

Every morning as I wake up, I watch the routines 
between man and his best friend.  This doggie lives on a boat, 
and sleeps in longer than his guardian.  But one thing is
 absolutely certain, they both adore each other.  Wherever 
his guardian goes, doggie goes.  I love looking 
at the way they interact.  Man's best friend.

Arvid and I have had a very good week so far.
  Living downtown gives us the opportunity to walk
 to any place we like and to enjoy all that the downtown
 area has to offer. Life is good and we are loving it.

Still waking up to some pretty crisp and refreshing mornings.
Sniff is like his daddy.  He get's really cold, and comes
snuggling up to me in the morning hours.

 We keep each other warm.  I love feeling Sniff
 close to me.  I just love it, and I love him.

Friday already.  One day closer to Christmas and one
 day closer to the New Year.  2019 came and has gone by
way too fast.  Overall it has been a good year so far.  2019
 saw us back living in Fort Lauderdale.  Back home
where we belong, and for that I am grateful.

Wishing everyone a great day.  Remember we
 may not always have everything we want,
 but we sure have everything we need.

Have a fabulous Friday and my your cup overflow
with peace, love, joy and pure awesomeness.

Gratitude is the best medicine.  It heals 
your mind, your body and your spirit.  And 
attracts more things to be grateful for...