Dec 16, 2019

New Week Again ~

Life offers you so many doors.  It's up to
 you which you open and which one to close...

Nine more days until Christmas.  Nine more days
until it's my mom's birthday.  I am happy because they
have been in Florida now for almost a week and soon we
 will be seeing them.  A little break from the harsh cold
 is always good.  On the other hand, they use to live
 in Florida and chose to leave.  Go figure.

Yesterday J and my sister Nirvana came to us.
We spent some time at our place then we took them 
out to lunch.  The coolest part is we take the boat to the
 restaurant.  A treat to all who have been here so far.

I looked back at "old" photos and of course everyone
was so little.  Arvid is just the best when it comes
 to my nieces and nephews.  They all love him
 and with each he has his own special bond.

Yesterday we had the best time with
my sister Nirvana and our nephew J.  Can't wait
 until we see them again on Christmas day

May the week ahead be a productive one and 
may kindness always be a part of every day.

Some people dream of success, while some people
 get up every morning and make it happen...