May 13, 2022

Friday May 13 th ~

 A great attitude is like a perfect cup of coffee,
don’t start your day without it... 

I have tried everything to keep the squirrels away from
 the bird feeders.  I finally bought 2 hanging hooks that
 hang from the deck.  Hopefully the squirrels are not that 
smart to get to it, and hopefully the birds are smart enough 
to know that it's here.  Now to wait and see what happens.

My allergies are as bad as can be.  Very tiresome.
  In the day we need the AC at home. At nights we use 
the heat.  The weather is driving me crazy.  Not full winter, 
not spring either.  Right now, Puerto Rico sounds heavenly. 
Fridays in Puerto Rico, boy do I miss those outings, 
and those fruity drinks. The best there is 🍹

Happy Friday all.  May the weekend be all you 
want it to be.  Enjoy and have a great time.  

Friday the 13th doesn’t happen too often, so when
 it does, you don’t want to skip out on celebrating the eerie 
vibes of the day.  Have a spooky fun day everyone.

A little spark of kindness can put a colossal 
burst of sunshine into someone’s day...