May 4, 2022

Just Another Day~ Wednesday May 4th

The simple things in life seem more meaningful now...

Sometimes it's just the littlest of things
 in life that can make us the happiest 😘

Let's not forget that if we are happy, we stand
 a better chance of making others happy and of 
living a life of contentment and gratitude.

We are still having way too much rain, but at the 
same time it washes away the pollen.  That is a 
blessing because my allergies are in high gear. 

Puffy eyes, itchy and watery eyes and the 
nonstop sneezing is not my idea of a good time.

Sniff has been sneezing some as well.  Hope he's
 not getting the cold 😲 I really don't have enough 
hours in the day to get him to the vet, but of course if 
I have to I will. For Sniff I always will have time.

To all a good day.  Hopefully you are having dry and
 warmer weather.  Can't wait for spring?  Summer?

Life is all about the simple things
 that we often take for granted...