May 25, 2022

Wednesday May 25th ~

 Today can be the Hump Day or 
a day to remember. Your choice...

When you're busy time flies even faster than ever. 
 I have had to cancel my haircut appointment and unfortunately 
my manicure-pedicure.  Now twice. I have had to meet
 tenants after five and by then I am way tired for
 a haircut or a manicure.  Will keep on trying.

We have had a couple of open rooms, but within a 
half an hour I have had them rented.  Of course not 
the same day.  I need time to clean them and 
make them fresh for the new occupant.

Three of our current tenants are from Florida and
 according to their boss, they would like to rent 3 more 
rooms for more of their workers coming from Florida. 
 Kinda strange to see cars in our parking lot with Florida 
plates.  Mine was the only one.  Not so anymore😃

Wishing everyone a good day.  If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.

If things are getting overwhelmed, take a break, and reiterate.
 Sometimes a little rest in between helps to clear your head. 
Your direction is more important than your speed...