May 1, 2022

May 1st ~ New Month Begins

How different every hour is from the one before...

A new month may present challenges and difficulties
 that could eventually lead to the pathway of success.  
How you approach it, it what makes the difference.

Both Brutus and Shadow had their birthdays in May. 
  Both Brutus and Shadow have crossed the rainbow bridge. 
 Brutus died November 5th 2015.  He took a part of us
 with him, but lives in our hearts.  He always will.

Shadow came to us November 10th 2015.  He died
 March 5th 2016.  Shadow's death broke our hearts because 
of the way he died.  To this day I still cannot forget.

May the month of May be good to all of us and may
 we all achieve our goals we have set for ourselves.

Life is just a set of new beginnings,
 but the outcomes are up to ourselves...