May 19, 2022

Thursday May 19th ~

 Look for something positive in every day, even 
if some days you have to look a little harder...

The work week is soon done.  Boy this week is
 sure going by fast.  Tuesday was a busy day at Almost Home, 
just like the other days, but that could also be because Arvid and
 I just do not sit idle.  We always have something we can do,
 even if it means Arvid does a little sweeping.

We swept every corner of Almost Home, but with the 
wind we have been having and the leaves blowing all over
 the place it just does not seem to be enough.  Oh well, today 
is another day.  I am sure we will find things to do 😂.

At Almost Home I take care of one of the tenants kitties.  
She does not see so well so once a day 6 days a week I go to
 her room, scoop the little, and do a little sweeping.  Her kitty 
Pookie likes me and I like her.  She reminds me of Brutus.

I have already bought Pookie a scratch pad and several catnip toys.
  She loves to play and I did not see any around.  Now when I go
 I spend a little time playing with her.  She enjoys it as do I.

Here at home I am thinking up ways to deter the squirrels or
 whatever is eating all my bird seed every night.  I was covering 
the feeders every night with a plastic bag,  but that didn't work.
  I am now covering them with a pillowcase.  Hoping for the best.

Arvid, Sniff and I had a relaxing evening, and now ready to
 face the day bring what it may.  Happy day all and let's do it.

You can't control the world, but when 
you control your thoughts, you bring order...