May 31, 2022

Tuesday May 31st ~

 Life is a Treasure Hunt and we all have the 
key to it. Unfortunately, many of us don't
unlock it, but take the key to our grave...

And just like that another month is just about done. 
 Arvid, Sniff and I have been in Branson for 6 months, and it's 
been 3 months since we had to take back Almost Home Lodge.  
What a journey it has been so far.  Even so, we manage to find
 time for ourselves.  It's the little things that keeps you going.

The weather is perfect right now.  Exactly the way we 
remembered it from being here in 2016-2018, makes for 
perfect Sunday outings at our most favorite place.  The Landings.
There was even live music, of course we had to sit and listen.

Busy day today at work.  I've been pulling weeds in 
my spare time, so it keeps me busy in between. The roses
 at Almost Home are still blooming.  All is good and
 every day is a new challenge.  To all a good day.

Don't just go where you want to go, but run,
 jump and dance as you are going. That's
 life. Enjoy every moment of your life...