May 14, 2022

Saturday May 14th ~

 No matter what yesterday was like, birds
 always start the new day with a song...

Last night.  Both very tired.  Having a much
 needed relax time together.  They have earned it.

Since I switched the position of the bird feeders,
 Sniff has been having the time of his life.  He spends 
hours just watching them.  Now he does not 
get enough sleep time.  Imagine that.

Today is a short day at work.  We really do not have
 to go in, but I feel like I should.  The tenants expect me 
there and I just can't find it in me to disappoint them. 
 Plus my roses need lots of watering everyday.

Looking forward to a relaxing day.  Hope everyone has the same.

Today is a new day.  Even if you were wrong 
yesterday you can get it right today...