Apr 1, 2023

April 1st ~ New Month

The best people are born in April 😂...

 Birthday month begins, and many of us have birthdays
 in April.  Definitely a popular month in our family.  

I'm not one to believe in stuff like this but if it works in 
my favor who am I to disagree.  According to my zodiac sign, 
Aries the following supposedly true: Aries, the first of the 12
 zodiac signs, meaning that they are usually initiating. They are
 energetic and driven. Passion lights the fire in them.  Now tell
 me, how can I disagree with this when it happens to be true😂

Start of our journey to Branson also begins.  Looking 
forward very much to it.  Best of all we have a few nights in
 North Carolina at my parents' home.  So happy to be seeing
 them so soon again. Happy that Arvid suggested we do it.

I don't like leaving Sniff for so many days.  He's not
 used to being alone.  I stress everyday with the thought of 
leaving him when we go to Norway.  That will be a long 
long time away from him.  Always on my mind 😢

Sniffs favorite spot.  Soon I will be back to get him and
 take him to Branson.  For now he will be taken good care of
 by Gail.  Everyone loves Sniff and there is no more to say.

For now we are on the road again.  Next stop mom and dads.  
Birthday wishes to all born in the month of April, including Arvid,
 Sniff and myself.  April is a happy month and festive month.  It's also
 the month my parents celebrate another year of marriage 🎉.

Travelling is physically tiring but mentally refreshing...