Apr 29, 2023

Saturday April 29th ~

There are so many things in the world that could be invisible
 to the material eye, and when you take a moment to stop,
 to pause, to be present and notice them—that’s gratitude...

 Caught slipping.  Yup, Sniff kinda dozed off on the job 
of bird watching.  In his defense, there were no birdies at that
 moment 😂 so he figured it was okay to rest his eyes.

The day is warming up nicely.  Feels so good to be home again.

A good day to all.  Today Michelle, Arvid's youngest daughter hits a milestone.  
She turns 30.  Born the same year as my nephews Max and JC.  One word for 
Michelle, AMAZING.  I have watched this girl grow up from a child to a 
woman, and I am in awe of her.  Happy birthday Michelle.  We love you.
This "little" girl made us grand-parents times three.

While you may not have planned to have a stepdaughter,
you can’t seem to imagine what life would be like without her.  
She has become a part of your life, your family and your 
heart and there is nothing that will ever change that. 

I thought I was lucky to marry your dad, but it turns out that I’m even
 luckier to have you as a step daughter and the mother of our grandchildren...