Apr 17, 2023

Monday April 17th~

The major problem is that we tend to live our life in our head, 
in our thoughts and stories, cut off from our actual experience...

 If we all lived as if we had one month left on this earth, 
we would each spend our days differently, in ways unique to us,
 and yet I believe we would all experience more fulfilling 
lives that could leave a legacy for eternity.  We may 
complain less and live more.  Me included.

As the new week begins, I feel as if I don't really belong 
here in Branson any more.  Something in me changed and I just can't 
pin it down as yet.  I love seeing my wildlife, enjoy listening to
 the birds, but suddenly that is not enough anymore.

I have not even been to Almost Home as yet, and in all honesty,
 I do not have the urge to go.  I do want to see some of my friends-
tenants but not necessarily go to Almost Home.  I know once I go, 
I will start to worry all over again, and I don't want to do that.

Have you ever wondered how some of the worst things
 that happen in your life turn out to be some of the 
best experiences you’ve ever had. 

Good morning all and welcome to a brand new week ahead 
where the possibilities are waiting for us if we know where
 and how to look.  For those who live to complain, sorry
 just another miserable week for you.  Your choice.

Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining - it bores
 everybody else, does you no good, and doesn't solve any problems...