Apr 6, 2023

April 6th in Branson ~

 I had been told that the training procedure with cats was 
difficult.  It’s not. Mine had me trained in two days..

I'm going home to Fort Myers to get Sniff and I could
 not be any happier.  Home is complete when Sniff is there
 with us.  On Saturday Sniff and I will be back in Branson
 and then our circle will be complete again.  That little 
fur ball called Sniff is a huge part of my happiness.

It's only been a few days, but I am missing this little dude so much.
  What and how will I do it for 3 weeks?  Can't think about it because
 I will only be stressed from now.  All I know is soon I will be 
home with Sniff and together we will go home to Branson.

Getting to Missouri was tricky because the journey was
 filled with obstacles.  All related to the weather. First of all, 
motels were full. All sold out.  We found out that it was all
 due to people trying to seek shelter from tornadoes. 

 And that was the start of our trip to Branson, Missouri.  We 
had some bad weather, but not as bad as predicted.  All in all we
 did good.  Best part is that I saw Fatboy and Daisy already. Looking 
forward to bringing Sniff and for us to enjoy the birdies together ♥️

Cats are intended to teach us that 
not everything in nature has a purpose...