Apr 11, 2023

Tuesday April 11th ~

 The brave may not live forever, 
but the cautious do not live at all...

Settling in.  All of us.  In my mind I hear Rima's voice saying, 
"what the heck are you guys doing here"?  Branson is not for everyone,
 and for sure it's not the place for Rima.  She is feisty and full of life
 and energy.  Branson is definitely not that, but we still like it.

Branson in a nutshell.  Beautiful lakes and very patriotic/religious.

As you get older you change as do your priorities.  Arvid and 
I are not into all the theater stuff that attracts everyone to Branson. 
 I always wondered how it is that people can see the same show
 year after year, but it happens.  To each their own.  Life.

We like the people.  The drives with the beautiful lake views.  
Food is good.  For us there is so much to do because we 
still have our investment in Almost Home to take care of.  
We can get to so many other places from Branson.

Our main attraction is The Landing.  Make it all even more
 perfect for us. Many good restaurants by the water.  Yes,
 Branson is not for everyone, but for now it is for us.

The shoe that fits one person pinches another; 
there is no recipe for living that suits all cases...