Apr 22, 2023

It's Almost Birthday Time ~ April 22

A cat does not want all the world to love him.
Only those he has chosen to love 🐾 ...

Someone is soon having a birthday.  8 years old tomorrow.

Both Sniff and I are already awake and of course he's 
back to some much needed naptime.  Here in tornado alley 
life is good and my Sniff is sleeping peacefully again.

After Brutus died I never thought I would love another kitty the
 way I loved Brutus.  I love and miss my Brutus everyday, but my 
Sniff has filled my heart and my life with a joy I did not expect. 

Sniff calms me whenever I am troubled.  He is my happy 
place and I love him more than words can express. 

Happy soon to be birthday Sniff Sniff 
mama and dada love you very much.

My Sniff's purr is the sound of love...