Jul 12, 2023

Day One in Norway ~

I'd love to get ideas on overcoming jet lag...

Last night I slept almost nothing, neither did Arvid
 but in the wee hours of the morning he finally managed 
to grab a few hours of shut eye and he's still sleeping. 
 From the living room I hear his breathing.

Of course I got out of bed.  Was expecting to see the 
sunrise which was at 4:21 am Norwegian time, unfortunately it
 was too cloudy so will be another day.  In the meantime I enjoyed
 the quietness of my surroundings with a good cup of tea.

I don't think I will ever be able to say how grateful and
 thankful I am for everything Arvid's daughter Victoria
 and her boyfriend have done for us.  They have worked
 endless hours making our place livable, and cozy.  

With Victoria you can always expect the best.  When 
she does something she goes all the way out. Her little 
details make her and Michael stand out from the crowd.

Though it was a long day, it was also a good day.  We got
 to see everyone for a little.  We saw Michelle and the girls.  
I finally got to see Ameila in real time.  As we were leaving 
she hugged both Arvid and I a couple of times.  This time no 
pictures because I just want to get used to her seeing us.

About last night, when in Norway you have to have shrimp. 
 I do look forward to this every year.  It's my favorite Norwegian meal. 
 A good day to all, and for us vacation has begun.  Almost Home 
seems far away, and it is.  Happy to be away for a while.

The difference between something good 
and something great is attention to detail...